"I realized there are many different types of leaders and they are all important. I will look for and encourage other leaders in my school."  -SALF attendee 2012
"I will take all the lessons I have learned this week to positively impact my school."
-SALF attendee 2012

"SALF was deeper and had way more meaning that other leadership camps. There were more hands on activities too!"   -SALF attendee 2022

 Are you ready to be part of something larger than yourself? The Scott Anderson Leadership Forum is a week-long intensive leadership training that will bring out the leader inside you by teaching multiple servant-leadership skills in a fun and interactive way. By week's end, you will have developed the following skills:

  • listening and learning about yourself and others
  • finding humor and fun in tasks
  • developing a contagious enthusiasm for tasks
  • finding a passion and focus on personal and corporate visions
  • gaining effective and genuine communication skills
  • being appreciative and affirming of others
  • honoring diversity and developing teamwork to uplift others and yourself to achieve the best for your community

In addition, take this opportunity to meet and develop relationship with students from other schools through formal groups and discussions as well as informal fun!

To view photos from previous sessions, check out the scrapbook.

Ready to begin the application process? Go to the contacts page and find the staff rep(s) from you school and email them with your questions. Get started today!

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