When is the Forum?
The 2023 forum takes places place June 12-16.

Where is the Forum?
The 2023 Scott Anderson Leadership Forum will take place at the College of St. Scholastica.

What is the deadline to register?
Each school has their own deadline.  Contact your school for their dates.

How can my child sign up for the forum?
Students are either nominated for the forum by the staff member at their school or they follow an application process. However, if you feel that you would like to participate and have not been contacted or heard of the application process, please talk to the staff member listed on the contacts page for your school. They will be able to provide more information and let you know if there is space available.

What happens if my child can not stay for the whole forum or need to leave early one evening?
The week is scheduled to build on each activity. We need for you to commit to the week as a whole. We promise that this is VERY important.

What can I expect my child to be doing throughout the week?
You will be very active all week long. You will participate in small group activities, large group presentations, community service, team building activities and more!

Is there any commitment that follows the weeklong forum?
Yes. Each school will leave the forum with one goal to go back and complete at their school. This goal can be as large or small as the group wants to make it.

What should my child wear/ bring to the forum?
The forum is very active. You will need to wear athletic shoes, or close toed sandals but no flip-flops. Modest, weather appropriate clothing is encouraged.  A water bottle is also a good idea.