For more information on the Scott D. Anderson Leadership Foundation, please contact the Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation at 218-726-0232 or by visiting their website.

For additional information on the Scott Anderson Leadership Forum, please contact one of the following five directors: 

  Current staff contacts at the schools participating in SALF include:

Aryn Bergsven (Harbor City School)
Bethany Carroll (Harbor City School)
Erik Holter (Wrenshall School District)
Jill Hintsala (Hermantown Public Schools)
Sarah Marchand (Hermantown High School)
Elizabeth Moore (Superior High School)
Deb DeArmond (Esko Public Schools)
Alissa Anderson (Esko High School)
Orianna Scherer (Two Harbors High School)
Jenni Erickson (Lakeview Christian Academy)
Saraiya Piantek (Denfeld High School)
Andrew Nissan (Denfeld High School)
Marlon Grant (Denfeld High School)
Kat Nistler (Cloquet High School)

Tom Proulx (Cloquet High School)
Colette Lenarz (Cloquet High School)
Nicole Lackas (Cloquet High School)
Beth McClimek (East High School)
Sorrel Kaspszak (Marshall School)
Carrie Sanda (Moose Lake High School)
Jenny Harnell (Proctor High School)
Becky LaPlante (Proctor High School)
Dave Foster (Cromwell High School)
Amanda Radtke (Carlton High School)

If you do not see a staff member listed from your school please contact one of the directors with any questions.