Board of Directors

The Scott D. Anderson Leadership Foundation is a non-profit philanthropic organization guided by a Board of Advisors. The Advisory Board is responsible for raising funds through contributions by individuals and organizations, as well as grants, and guiding the program to accomplish the mission. The Board conducts the business of the Foundation by:

  • Exploring new avenues for creative leadership development consistent with the principles and values of the Foundation. This is accomplished by working with consultants, advisory groups and/or other Foundations that focus on leadership development and by invited proposals.

  • Funding specific leadership development programs and scholarships deemed to be consistent with the principles and values of the Foundation by grant and scholarship awards for solicited and unsolicited grant proposals and scholarship applications submitted in accordance with Duluth-Superior Area Community Foundation guidelines.

  • Setting guidelines for identification and selection of program participants or scholarship recipients.

Board Members include:

Gary D. Black, chair
Curt Grayson
Bill King
Dan Westholm
William L. Westholm
Tony Yung